Quality Products

Our customers are pleased that Country Solar only uses the world's highest quality Tier 1 products. We pride ourselves on choosing products from brands we are sure will be around for the life of the warranty. This gives our customers peace of mind and surety. 


JA Solar  This company is the world's largest silicone solar cell manufacturer. The 'A' in JA Solar represents Australia, as the founder was educated here. Country Solar has enjoyed a relationship with JA Solar for nearly two years and we are very confident in the product it delivers. View our range of JA Solar products > 



SolarEdge – SolarEdge is the latest technology in solar inverters.This technolgoy shifts the MPPT from the ground to each solar module. This increases the output of the solar array, makes it safer from fire & less affected by shade, dust & grime. SolarEdge inverters are battery ready, allow you to use different size panels for future upgrades, offer superior online monitoring, 12-year warranty standard with optional upgrade to 25-year. View our range of SolarEdge Solar Products > 


Canadian Solar - 
is one of the three biggest solar companies in the world, operating on 6 continents and with stringent quality control systems.  Their PV panels have been thoroughly tested and proven under harsh conditions and as a consequence, they offer a 25-year warranty with confidence. 


01 NovFive good reasons to add Solar + Battery Storage to your home

1. Security – insure yourself against predicted electricity price rises by generating and using your own electricity.  Electricity prices have been increasing well above CPI for several years and this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.