Will electric cars overtake petrol cars in 5 years time in Australia?

Posted 1 August 2016 by Country Solar, in General

Richard Branson suspects all cars will be electric in 15 years.  

As a major backer of Formula E, the new electric car Formula One that is taking the world by storm, Mr Branson is in the box seat of developing the new battery storage technology that’s vital to delivering electric car’s distance capability. In an interview on CNN's Supercharged show at the recent London ePrix in Battersea Park, Mr Branson said that “Formula E is pushing the boundaries forward into what will be the future”. For full article – click here.

We wholeheartedly agree that it’s where the motor industry is heading and are excited about the tie-in with the PV solar industry.

Here’s how we see the future.

Your home has solar panels/modules that will produce electricity. This will be linked to energy storage systems (batteries) that capture and store the excess energy produced during the daytime. This energy will be available to use at night time so no power needs to be drawn from the Grid and consequently, no power bills are generated.  

Do you know that, if for some reason your solar system was unable to produce enough power for your needs, the car would have enough stored electrical energy to be able to run your house for a week and, if necessary, you could drive the car to a fast charging station, fill it up and have another week of power available to you. Amazing how things are set to change!

And while you are working, shopping or enjoying a movie or a meal during the day, your car could be charging thanks to the car-park, shopping centre or your office’s solar charging system. Car companies are already building free charging stations, coffee shops, shopping centres and hotels are already offering free charging to lure customers.

Within just five years, it could be that many Australians won’t pay for either electricity or fuel and within ten years, it could be mainstream and people will wonder what it was like before solar charging became available. Just like when our kids ask what on earth did we do, when there weren’t IPADS to play on and Pokémons to collect.

However, we have a distance to travel before this vision becomes a reality. Mr Branson believes ‘the onus is on the world’s political leaders’ to support this momentum by ‘setting positive ground rules’ that provide incentives for widespread take up of electric cars. 

Although the electric motor is about 92% efficient, compared to the combustion engine’s approximate 40% efficiency, the electric car industry has been held back by the inability of vehicles to store enough energy to travel required distances and the cost of achieving this. 

Energy storage has come a long way in a very short time frame and there are already talks of phone batteries lasting a week on a single charge, to come out within a year or two. Soon electric cars will be able to travel further than combustion engine cars; they will be quieter and cheaper to maintain but the real winner is that they will be free to run, if you have a solar system. Tyres might be the only occasional cost. Wow! 

Country Solar expects the next five years will deliver immense leaps in the battery technology and could quite easily see a significant number of cars sold in Australia being electric.  Drivers will naturally turn to them, especially those already set up at home to efficiently charge up their cars from rooftop PV Solar systems - no petrol costs and no power bills. A double win!

If you want to see a cool example of their power, watch this fully electric Tesla beat Australia’s best muscle cars in a race.  


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