Scott Print recognised for Environmental Excellence

Posted 2 December 2014 by Allison, in General

Last Tuesday night (November 25), Scott Print was awarded the Australian Institute of Managements award for Best Environmental Company in Western Australia.

This was our very first commercial PV solar and LED installation in Perth (Sept 2013).

How did Country Solar contribute?

  • We removed over 1,000 fluorescent tubes and replaced them with high efficiency LED panel lights.
  • We installed 60 kilowatts of PV solar panels

As a result:

  • There will be a carbon reduction of approximately 200 tonnes a year
  • Electricity consumption will be reduced by approximately 200,000 units a year
  • Electricity cost reduced by approximately $70,000 a year

An awesome achievement that we at Country Solar are proud to be a part of - Congratulations to the team at Scott Print.

Here is a link to a video on Scott Print and some detail around the award.