Power bill SAVINGS for all regional QLD solar customers next financial year. WHAT!?!...

Posted 8 June 2016 by Country Solar, in General

Did you know that the scheduled increase in power bill tariffs in QLD, is even more good reason to have solar?? 

 While non-solar power users will be suffering, an average solar customer currently on tariff 11 will save even more than last year – approximately $2470 in 2016/17 (with a 5kW system). 

The increase announced by the Queensland Competition Authority last week, relates to the variable usage charge, which will rise from 22 cents per kilowatt hour, to almost 24.6 cents for tariff 11 customers. So, the more power you draw from the grid, the higher your power bills will be. 

Anyone who installs solar after 1st July will also get the benefit of beating these price changes – as soon as the system is turned on, the less power you’ll need from the grid and you will begin to get those savings. Especially since, the daily fixed charge has fallen from $1.06 to 89.5 cents (cost of building and maintaining the State-owned poles and wires businesses). 

These price increases are prompting people around the State to ask, ‘Why buy from an electricity company when the sun provides free energy onto my roof every day!’

It’s expected that every home, business and government building will have Solar within the next 10-15 years. Industry experts are pointing to what PV solar and battery storage technology is offering and the reduction in equipment costs, as being a power generation game changerThey’re transforming how Australians approach their energy generation needs and their consumption. 

Significant, sustainable cost savings, along with greater self-sufficiency and control is what’s convincing many people to now turn to solar.

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