3 months living off-grid with the Samsung ESS battery - here's my story

Posted 29 February 2016 by Country Solar, in General

Sue, the world’s first Samsung ESS battery customer to boldly embrace the new off-grid technology, tells her story…. 
Sue Fraser was living off a diesel generator for three years in North Queensland, before purchasing her Samsung ESS from Country Solar (CS).  Although the grid was just a few hundred meters from her home, the local utility was unable to connect her to it. Responding to a Country Solar radio advert, she gave them a call to see what the Samsung ESS could do for her. Her one stipulation being, that she would also be able to run air conditioning throughout the night. Her off-grid situation was an opportunity to fully test the battery’s capabilities and help Samsung perfect their product for Aussie living!! Three months later we asked her a few questions:
CS: Firstly are you happy with the purchase?
Sue: Ecstatic - it saves me over $1,500 a quarter and I feel good about not being dependent, nor at the mercy of power companies.

CS: What are some things that have surprised you about its capabilities?
Sue: That even in the wet season, we still had full batteries at dusk. I can run 3 air-conditioners at night on ‘econo mode’ and can also use my clothes drier, if I time it right, and electric elements in ovens, etc. Its great to be able to run my air-conditioners all day every day with no worry, where as before the cost would be prohibitive. My house has a large freezer, two fridges, a washing machine, drier, household fans, microwave, 3 televisions and an office full of computers. And I run all of them quite happily. 
CS: What is the best “tweak” you have learned to gain more efficiency since it was installed?
Sue: Econo Mode on air-conditioners and being able to use 90% of the Batteries
CS: Do you believe it’s possible with the ESS battery technology, to live comfortably without the grid?
Sue: Yes. I feel I am now in luxury; running my air-conditioners whenever and all the power I could want, when I want it.
CS: Lastly would you recommend both Country Solar and the Samsung ESS to others?
Sue: Very much so. I was the guinea pig and this company kept working on any problems until one by one, they where all solved. Their aim was to make me completely happy and they did.