COUNTRY SOLAR QLD: Townsville, Cairns & Mackay.


Country Solar, your local solar energy specialist for Queensland, also retail store locations in Victoria, WA, New South Wales and the Northern Territory. We want to supply you, your family or business in Queensland with the superior solution for long-term energy efficiency. We provide individualised services to every state and customer to satisfy your needs and desires. We can assist you in reducing your electricity costs permanently. Using the two major solar energy components of solar modules and an inverter, we work with industry experts, JA Solar (for solar module panels), Solar Edge (for solar power harvesting and PV monitoring systems). Solar modules produce DC electricity which the inverter then converts into AC electricity for general use in homes or business locations. We are eager to provide you with the best quality solar energy system currently available at a very affordable price. Solar power is the essential answer to the world’s growing energy shortages and skyrocketing prices. Invest in your home or office and future in Cairns with Country Solar. Join in our passion for the bright future of solar energy now. Visit our site,, or call 07 4772 0221 to request a quote today. 



01 NovFive good reasons to add Solar + Battery Storage to your home

1. Security – insure yourself against predicted electricity price rises by generating and using your own electricity.  Electricity prices have been increasing well above CPI for several years and this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.