What is solar power?

Solar power is electricity that is generated from the sun’s rays using a system that has two main components: solar panels and an inverter.

The rooftop solar panels produce DC (Direct Current) electricity; the same as your car battery.  The inverter converts this into AC (Alternating Current) electricity, which you use every day for all your power needs including appliances such as your television, computers equipment and tools.

If you don’t use all the electricity generated by your system, any excess electricity can be fed into the Grid and you may receive credits for this from the Grid electricity provider.

How does it work?

Roof top solar panels are made up of Photovoltaic cells that capture the radiation from the sun and convert it into electricity.

When sunlight hits the PV cells, it activates the photons, which flow around and generate DC (Direct Current) electricity. An inverter converts the electricity generated by the panels into AC (Alternating Current) electricity that can be used by you.

A bi-directional meter is fitted to your meter box which then controls and records the flow of electricity in from your PV solar system, feeds out any excess power you have generated to the Grid or enables you to source electricity from the Grid whenever you require it.


01 NovFive good reasons to add Solar + Battery Storage to your home

1. Security – insure yourself against predicted electricity price rises by generating and using your own electricity.  Electricity prices have been increasing well above CPI for several years and this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.