Solar Components

Solar PV panels

A solar PV panel uses silicon to absorb the sun’s rays and creates electricity. PhotoVoltaic refers to the process whereby an electric current is produced when exposed to sunlight.

Solar Inverter

An inverter is a piece of equipment that converts DC power (direct current) to AC power (alternating current). Solar panels generate DC power. However the appliances you use require AC power to run them. So the inverter converts the DC power from your roof to usable AC power for your home or business.

“The Grid”

“The Grid” refers to the electricity grid from which you currently receive your electric power.


01 NovFive good reasons to add Solar + Battery Storage to your home

1. Security – insure yourself against predicted electricity price rises by generating and using your own electricity.  Electricity prices have been increasing well above CPI for several years and this is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.